Iraq – Rival protests between Sadrist movement supporters and Coordination Framework


Location: near the Green Zone – Iraqi Parliament Building – Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:59

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Iraq

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Date: 12/ 08/ 2022


Thousands of Sadrist movement supporters, civil society and professional associations launched today, Friday, afternoon a mass protest in front of Iraqi parliament in central Baghdad, to demand dissolution of parliament, and holding early legislative elections.

Hundreds of Coordination Framework forces, alliance of Shiite factions loyal to Iran, gathered outside the southern gate of the Green Zone near the suspension bridge in a protest under the slogan “The people protect the state”, to demand rule of law and formation of a consensus government in which everyone participates.

Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist movement, demanded the head of the Supreme Judicial Council to dissolve Parliament by the end of next week, correct the course after constitutional deadlines expire, and assign the president to set a date for early elections under certain conditions.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi called on political blocs to assume the responsibly of resolving the political blockage and start dialogue to settle differences.


– Soundbite (Protester, al-Sadr follower):

“We demand of Muqtada al-Sadr to rid us of corrupt Coordination Framework. Iraq has been in a poor condition for the past 18 years with Iran’s constant interference. The people are tired of them, they want them gone. We want al-Sadr to remove them from power. People came from all districts and are prepared to remain here for years until their demands are met, we are not afraid, we will continue to fight.”

– Soundbite (Protester, al-Sadr follower):

“We came here today to the Green Zone for Friday prayer and to demand the dissolution of Parliament, holding the corrupt accountable and formation of a national government led by the President to elect it and the judiciary and the people to approve it. Living conditions are very poor, there are no jobs. The situation has not improved since 2003. We want back the money the corrupt stole and fled abroad with, it belongs to the people of Iraq. Iraq has poor healthcare and services, as well as high unemployment rate, we want a government that serves its people.”

– Soundbite (Protester, al-Sadr follower):

“Today, this revolution is for reform, people from all sects and minorities, Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, and Christians are here to demand the removal of the corrupt, and the dissolution of Parliament as soon as possible. His Eminence the leader set a deadline of a week for dissolution of parliament, which can be done through the approval of 3 people, the president as advocate of constitution, head of parliament and prime minister without a parliament session. We plead them as our safety net to dissolve parliament immediately. We thank Sunni and Kurdish politicians, as well as civil society and associations for supporting the reform revolution, because they want to change the poor situation in Iraq.”

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