Jordan – High fuel prices prompt Jordanians to buy electric cars


Location: Amman-Jordan

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24 in Amman

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Date: 13/08/ 2022


Official statistics indicate that the number of cars in Jordan has exceeded 6.1 million, of which about 26,000 are electric cars. Recently, there has been increased demand for electric cars, in light of the continuous rise in the fuel prices in Jordan. Electric car sales have hit record high.

The government had imposed a special tax rate of 25% on electric cars in 2019, which led to an increase of 3-4 thousand JD in their price and a decrease in demand. The government then reduced the tax again at the end of the same year to a rate of 10-15%, depending on the size of the car battery.

Electric cars save fuel, have low maintenance cost compared to gasoline cars. Drivers who rely on delivery service and Mobility as a Service applications in Jordan are increasingly switching to electric cars.

Environmental expert Ahmed Al-Rousan, when speaking to A24, emphasized the important role electric cars play in preserving the environment, as opposed to diesel and gasoline cars that emit smoke and gases, which pollute the air and cause damage to health.

Economists called on Jordanian government to facilitate custom procedures for electric cars, to promote their use that would reduce energy consumption and preserve the environment.


– Soundbite (Abdul Karim Ahmed – Driver with a Mobility as a Service application):

“Electric cars are the future, as they save fuel and maintenance costs that will be limited to exterior repair and wheel replacement. Electric cars are overall better than gasoline cars.”

– Soundbite (Samer Zureikat – Owner of an electric car):

“I live in Jerash and work in Amman. If I drive a gasoline car, the cost would be 10 JD a day but my monthly salary is only 450 JD. I cannot afford to pay 300 JD of monthly gasoline expenses because I have other expenses and financial obligations.”

– Soundbite (Mustafa Al-Shami – Trader):

“Sales of electric cars have increased compared to other cars because electric cars are more affordable. Electric cars have low maintenance cost with regards to oil, filters and spare parts. More people are switching to electric cars because of the high fuel prices.”

– Soundbite (Hussam Ayesh – Economist):

“People are switching to electric cars, as they are now more afford with almost zero energy and fuel costs. Electric cars are run on electricity, the cost is 10-15 JD monthly, which saves 200-300 JD of monthly gasoline expenses.”

– Soundbite (Ahmed Al-Sarhan – Environmental expert):

“Electric cars contribute significantly to reducing carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming and climate changes such as either drought, floods or desertification. Electric cars also reduce noise. Amman is a very huge city with more than 5 million people and one and a half million cars, which operate on gasoline or diesel. If all cars were electric, the air would be very clean, and we would be able to implement the concept of green, smart system in the city.”

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