Palestine – Israeli air strike kills Islamic Jihad commander


Location: Al-Rimal District + Al-Shifa Medical Complex – Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:44

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Gaza

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 05/08/ 2022


Palestinian Islamic Jihad confirmed an Israeli air strike killed the commander of its armed wing  the Al-Quds Brigades-Taysir al-Jabari Friday afternoon. The air strike hit

a residential tower in Gaza. The shelling killed 9 and injured 44, including a large number of children, and caused extensive property damage.


– Soundbite (Abu Khaled – Eye witness and resident of targeted tower):

“Children were screaming, as the Israelis by launched the air strike the entire area filled with smoke. The residents were screaming, we were horrified by the shelling. A shell landed in my home in the bedroom. Thankfully we were all sitting in the living room, me, my wife and our 9 children. There were no sirens or any warning of an air strike, had we been sleeping in the bedroom, we would have been injured. We are civilians, my home does not hold any weapons or resistance members, I do not know why Israel targeted us.”

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