Tunisia – Forum hosts work of marble sculptors 


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic + English

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Source: A24 in Tunisia

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Date: 03/08/2022


Tunis is hosting the first edition of the International Marble Sculpture Forum, drawing upon a tradition that dates from classical times – when marble quarries in the north-western Chemtou region were prized for yellow stone – and valued for rendering sculptures of Rome’s mythological gods.

Local sculptors are being joined by more than a dozen artists from Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, as well as Japan and Germany in exhibiting their works and engaging Tunisian art students in the techniques of shaping stories in marble.

The capital’s City of Culture is presenting the event, which will continue through next Tuesday- August 9.


– Soundbite (Muhammad Al-Hadi Al-Juwayni – Director General of the Opera Theater in the City of Culture):

“Carving marble is a well established craft in Tunisia, hence the large turnout of distinguished sculptors from different countries of the world including Japan, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Germany, Algeria as well as Tunisia. There are 17 sculptors in total giving in-person art workshops. Usually, there is only an art exhibition with ready-made works, but we wanted to host open workshops to let young people learn the process of producing such artful marble sculptures. The marble sculptures made will be used to enhance the aesthetic of the entrance of City of Culture.”

– Soundbite (Hamza bin Salem – Sculptor and professor at the Institute of Fine Arts in Nabeul):

“These forums help cross-fertilize experiences and ideas of different nationalities from Arab and Oriental countries. We have here sculptors from Germany and Japan, who will share with us their interests in modern art and the type of modern art problems they deal with. We should be open to new cultures, but also make sure to preserve our heritage and use it as inspiration for sculptural works.”

– Soundbite (Dr. Salah Hammad – Egyptian plastic artist):

“My first time in Tunisia was in 2013, and the sculpture I made back then is displayed here in the opera theater. I am glad to be invited again by organizer Mohamed Abu Aziz, who is a prominent artist in Tunisia. The exhibition will include pieces made by distinguished and renowned artists. The piece I am working on is a sculpture of a bird that will be shown later here in the opera theater.”

– Soundbite (Ronald Heift – Professional German sculptor):

“I am honored to be here, and work with international sculptors. I have traveled around the world but this is my first time in Tunisia. We have great stones here. I am enjoying my time.”

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