Jordan – Civil organizations in Yemeni negotiations call for creating demilitarized zone in Taiz


Location: Amman, Jordan

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:33

Source: A24 in Amman

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Date: 10/6/2022


The head of the Foundation for the Protection of Law and the Promotion of Social Peace, Abdullah Shaddad, said that the visit of the UN envoy to Sanaa two days ago came to complete the discussions on reopening the roads in Taiz. Shaddad, a member of the Yemeni delegation to Amman, explained in a statement that the members of the Houthi delegation demanded to return to their leaders to take the decision regarding the reopening, which is still a matter of dispute by the Houthis. For his part, representative of civil society organizations Abdul Hakim Al-Yafari called on the Yemeni army and the Houthi group to establish a demilitarized zone by withdrawing at a distance of five kilometers to reopen roads in the governorate. The second round of talks between the Yemeni government delegation and the Houthi group regarding the reopening of roads in Taiz and other Yemeni areas concluded in the Jordanian capital, Amman, without reaching a conclusion as the Houthis continued to hinder the talks.

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Soundbite (Abdullah Shaddad – Member of the Yemeni Negotiations ):

“The UN envoy to Sanaa came to continue talks on reopening roads, which is still a disputed issue between Yemeni parties. The Houthi group requested to consult their leaders on the reopening. The talks went well and we consider it a positive step towards reaching a resolution for Yemeni issues. Seven years of war have caused nothing but destruction and killing of tens of thousands of civilians. The UN envoy had a positive stance demonstrated through field visits to Taiz, Aden, Riyad, Amman, and Sanaa during a period of only 9 months, which reflects his keenness to end the war and reach a truce.”

Soundbite (Abdul Hakim Al-Yafari – representative of civil society organizations in the negotiations):

“The Houthi group says that the roads of Taiz include a huge military infrastructure for both sides. The Yemeni army and the Houthis should establish a demilitarized zone by withdrawing at a distance of five kilometers. This will take a long time and the citizens do not have much time for that. So, we, as a civil society, call on political parties to open the roads of Asafra and Hoban because they have water wells and a power station.”

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