Yemen – Crows scourge the environment and people of Aden


Location: Aden – Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:3:13

Sound: Natural

Source: A24 in Aden

Restrictions: A24 Subscribers

Date: 10/09/ 2022


The entire world is suffering from climate change and environmental issues, which require the joint efforts of organizations and countries to overcome them or mitigate their effects. It has been seven years since the war in Yemen but its effects have only now started to transpire. The aftermath of war has especially affected the environment. The government has not fulfilled its role in improving the service structure, and providing basic needs for people in several cities, including Aden. Citizens are suffering due to the poor services, as well as the increasing number of crows that scourge the environment and people in Aden. Crows spread diseases by gathering in landfills, eating food waste and carcasses. People in Aden feel extremely restless as crows pose a threat to their health and disturb their daily lives. The government is not exerting enough effort to reduce the number of crows and prevent reproduction. Citizens call on responsible authorities to intervene and resolve this issue as soon as possible because the number of crows in the region has reached tens of thousands, which poses a serious threat to its environment.


-Soundbite (Malik Al-Aroli – Citizen of Aden):

“We are suffering greatly because of crows; they disturb us every morning knocking on the windows at 7 am. We try to keep them away, but they come back with a large group and build their nests on the air-conditioner. They ruin the car too by leaving droppings that I have to clean every day because it causes corrosion in the metal of the car, which is the main problem for people in Aden.”

-Soundbite (Ahmed Qassem – Citizen of Aden):

“Crows are causing many problems. They are a nuisance; we see them everywhere including streets, factories, gardens and parks. We cannot leave any food outside because of them. Crows are causing suffering for people in Aden”

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