Syria – Big turnout at Farouk Mosque in Qamishli for Eid prayer


Location: Qamishli – Syria

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:06:13

Sound: Normal

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Dateline: 02/05/2022


Farouk Mosque in Qamishli had a big turnout as people from neighborhoods near the mosque went to perform Eid prayer after two years of closures due to COVID-19. People expressed joy for being able to pray in groups after being prevented from doing so in the previous two years. Citizens hope for this Eid to be a good omen, a start of peace and security after years of war that put people through many hardships.


Soundbite (Abdul Kareem – Imam at Farouk Mosque):

            “Ramadan the past two years was during the summer, which was hard. This year Ramadan was during the spring time, which made fasting easier. The past two years were hard due to the pandemic preventing people from going to mosques and performing Taraweeh prayers as mosques were closed. This year mosques remained open throughout the month of Ramadan allowing Muslims to gather this morning and pray at the mosque. This gathering of people improves the solidarity of society. We hope to overcome the many hardships caused by war in the past years. Hopefully, Ramadan this year is a beacon of hope for the entire nation.”

Soundbite (Abdullah – Mathin at Farouk Mosque):

            “We hope for peace and harmony across Islamic countries. We hope for the unity of all Muslims. People who came to pray at the mosque were happy to be able to gather as they couldn’t do so during the past two years. I’m at the mosque all hours of the day and night, I saw many come to perform prayers and read Quran.”

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