Iraq – Foreign interference in formation of Iraqi government


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:02:45

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Dateline: 27/04/2022


Attention is on the role foreign and regional interference will play in outlining alliances among Iraqi political forces and blocs. Interference from US and Iran has the most influence on Iraq’s political situation. Foreign interference has influence over the outlining of political alliances, which might be within the context of religious sects that would force some of those involved in politics to pivot towards certain coalitions.


Soundbite (Manaf Al-Musawi – Strategic expert):

            ”Foreign interference is present in Iraq and its influence is more negative than positive. The Triple Alliance wants the public of Iraq to make the decisions but foreign interference is bound to influence political decision making.”

Soundbite (Issam Al-Faily – Professor of Political Science at Al-Mustansiriya University):

            “Foreign interference might have influence if there is proactive planning by certain entities. There is angst regarding the possibility of US ambassador visiting Iraq as political forces fear the potential impact that might follow. Some political forces believe they have the right to power and others do not, foreign interference might take advantage of this issue to pressure the Coordination Framework.”

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