Iraq – Workshop on the role of women in the Iraqi Interior Ministry


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

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Dateline: 23/04/2022


The Iraqi Interior Ministry Directorate of Family and Child Protection Against Domestic Violence and Department of Public Relations and Media collaborated in holding a workshop on the role of women in the ministry. The workshop was attended by high ranking police officers, female police officers and graduate students majoring in psychological, educational and social guidance. The workshop aimed to provide information, raise awareness and promote abiding by the law. The workshop discussed how thousands of women have achieved positions of leadership in the Interior Ministry including directors, deputies, special grade officials, college professors as well as security and police officers. The workshop concluded with acknowledging how women continue to succeed in their ministerial tasks as well as fulfill their roles within the security sector


Soundbite (Brigadier General Ali Mohammad Salem – Head of The Directorate of Family and Child Protection Against Domestic Violence):

            “The workshop was attended by many male and female officers working in the Interior Ministry, as well as academics, journalists and media-persons. The workshop discussed many aspects of the role of women in the Interior Ministry. Discussions also involved the activities of family protection and women’s affairs department. In addition to activities and awareness campaigns at schools, hospitals, institutions and universities to prevent domestic violence.”
Soundbite ( Lieutenant Colonel Nisreen Al-Fatlawi – Commander of female police unit in Baghdad police department):        

     “The workshop emphasized the role of women in the Interior Ministry, which started after 2003 as female participation in the government is new in Iraq. Women have proved themselves and succeeded on all levels in various positions in the Interior Ministry.”

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