Iraq – Iraq launches military operation to hunt down ISIS remnants


Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:47

Voice: Natural

Source: A24

Restriction: A24 clients

Dateline: 24/04/2022


The Iraqi Joint Operations Command launched the second phase of Operation Solid Will in the west of the country. The operation is taking place with the participation of the leaders of the Anbar, Al-Jazeera and Karbala operations, forces from the Border Guard Command, and the axes of the Popular Mobilization in western Anbar and the middle Euphrates. It is aimed at specific targets in several areas by airborne forces by helicopter, including ambushes deep in the desert. The operation comes with air support from the army’s aviation and the air force, according to intelligence agencies.

Shot list:

  • Soundbite ( Yahya Rasool  – The spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General ):

“This is the second phase of Operation Solid Will after the first operation ended today. In the first phase, our units embarked on several axes to hunt down ISIS terrorist elements in the desert areas. The Special Forces were able to find a factory for booby-trapping wheels/mechanisms/, operations of many explosive devices, as well as some equipment and weapons. After the end of the first phase, the results of the phase will be announced. In the second phase, we will inspect and purify areas in the desert areas all the way to the Iraqi-Jordanian-Saudi border, and the Iraqi-Syrian border according to the viewpoint of the military leadership.”

“This operation targeted ISIS terrorist cells in the desert areas, especially west of and northwestern Anbar, Wadi Houran, Nukhaib, and the Syrian border. It is very important to hunt down ISIS remnants. This operation relied on intelligence information and specific targets. The rapid response forces, counter-terrorism, the Special Missions Brigade, the Federal Police, the Popular Mobilization, as well as the Al-Jazeera operations, the Nineveh operations, and the Kirkuk operations participated in it. To purify these areas. The cooperation of citizens in those areas is essential by providing the security forces with information.”

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