Iraq – Flower Show in Basra open for visitors throughout Ramadan.


Location: Basra – Iraq

Language: Arabic


Sound: Normal

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Restrictions: A24 clients

Dateline: 11/04/2022


Basra Sports City is holding its fifth flower show, which will be open to visitors throughout Ramadan. 30 companies will be participating in this show that allows citizens of Basra to stroll around flower beds and gardens. The show aims to encourage people to take an interest in gardening as it sells some plants and trees at affordable prices. This event is an outlet for people in Basra, where parks are scarce due to climate change, oil prices and wars that exacerbated the desertification in the city.


Soundbite (Nihad Al-Azzawi – Citizen):

            “This is a wonderful venue that many need as an outlet, especially young people who have been deprived such breathtaking scenery. The parks were closed down and families had no place of entertainment for them and their children.”

Soundbite (Nadheer Al-Ghazi – Citizen):

            “Families in Basra love to go out after breakfast and visit nice, quit places. This fifth flower show is wonderful and families are enjoying themselves here. Basra lacks entertainment, hopefully more events like this will be held in Basra.”

Soundbite (Khairallah Abdulraziq – Citizen):

            “Wonderful event. People are enjoying themselves. We do not have many places like this. Hopefully every area will have similar spaces with gardens.”

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