Iraq – Baghdad has the most divorce cases among Iraqi governorates


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:34

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Dateline: 11/04/2022


During the past decade Iraq has been witnessing an increase in divorce cases so social groups and organizations decided to nip this in the bud and request local authorities to find solutions that would reduce the divorce rate. Experts and specialists in the field of social psychology attributed the increase in divorce cases to poverty, unemployment and parents forcing their sons to marry at a young age. Statistical data comprising 16 appeal courts indicated that Baghdad has the most divorce cases reaching 2390 cases in the last month alone. Marriages last January reached 26000 and Baghdad had the highest number as well with 6329 marriages. 


Soundbite (MP Muhammad Anouz – Member of Iraqi Parliament):

            “Main reasons for divorce include living conditions, early marriage and technological evolution that causes married men and women to discover the contrast in life styles. This issue is the responsibility of the state as much as the society because the economic condition has a direct effect as well in terms of unemployment and low wages.”

Soundbite (Khalid Hantush – Sociologist and human rights activist):

            “Most divorces occur in the age groups below 25 and below 20. This is due to them being too young and unfit for marriage. Many people marry today because their parents force them to but they have no way of sustaining a married life. Unemployment and low income are the main issues that affect the divorce rate and cause marriages to end.”

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