Iraq – Civil society organizations call for the Iraqi Parliament to approve domestic abuse bill.


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

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Dateline: 11/04/2022


Civil society organizations are insistently calling for the Iraqi Parliament to approve the domestic abuse bill in order to fight against the recent and unprecedented increase in domestic abuse. The reigning Political Islam parties refuse to approve the bill that has been on Parliament’s desk for years despite the desperate need for it.


Soundbite (Wathba Abdullah Al-Tayyar – Child and Women’s Rights Activist):

            “With great efforts, many issues related to constitutional law were solved and clauses were amended as per agreement. We hope for the Parliament to approve it during its next sitting. We know it is not going to be easy because it took us 13 years to make these amendments but we are hopeful.”

Soundbite (Vianne Sheikh – Child and Women’s Rights Activist):

            “A new version of the bill might be in the works but this all depends on the next government and its decision to approve it. As part of civil society organizations and women’s movement, we remain dedicated to this bill hoping to make it a law.”

Soundbite (Eman Hussein – Child and Women’s Rights Activist):

            “The domestic abuse cases here are increasing, which demands expediting the approval of the bill. Women are suffering because of domestic abuse but support is nowhere to be found. As part of civil society organizations, we demand women’s rights. However, if women’s rights are not protected by the law and the bill is being put off, our hands are tied. Women are being abused by their family members and other family members are being abused as well. The domestic abuse bill is for the protection of these people so we demand its expedition.”

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