Palestine –Gaza prepares dates for distribution to markets with the start of Ramadan


Location: Gaza- Palestine

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:05:17

Source: A24       

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Dateline: 01-04-2022


Date workers in Gaza began preparing and packaging Palestinian dates imported from Jericho city, for distribution to markets and shops in the Strip.

The dates are imported, sorted, and set in large boxes, to be stored in refrigerators till the start of Ramadan.

People in Gaza are more likely to buy dates during Ramadan despite the difficult living conditions. Large quantities of popular types of dates have been provided at reasonable prices so that the consumer can afford them.

Owners of date companies suffer from power outages, which cause them great losses and the expiration of dates.


(SOUNDBITE) Jawad Abu Sharkh – Director of date company:

“These dates are Palestinian and imported from Jericho to Gaza through the crossings. The people’s demand for dates increases in Ramadan because it is a basic item in Ramadan. This year, all types of dates are available at reasonable prices. Before Ramadan, 30 to 40 workers are employed in the process of boxing dates, and the number of workers doubles in the month of Ramadan. “

(SOUNDBITE) Jawad Abu Sharkh – Director of date company:

“The electricity runs for about 8 hours a day, which affects the refrigerators we use to keep dates. We try to preserve the product as much as possible. Dates are nutritious and healthy. We import 80% of the local product from the West Bank, almost over two thousand tons.”

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