Tunisia – Saied prepares penal reconciliation project to carry out development projects


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 11-02-2022


Tunisian President Kais Saied stated that he and his team are working on a draft law on penal reconciliation.

He added that a draft decree on penal reconciliation has been prepared, which is expected to include hundreds of businessmen who have been involved in money embezzlement or tax evasion cases.

The President pointed out that they will carry out projects in pockets of poverty and marginalized areas of the country.


  • (SOUNDBITE) Riyad Al-Badri – Political Analyst):

“This is to fight corruption and it is the slogan that President Kais Saied raised on July 25. He announced that the penal reconciliation was a project he accomplished in 2012 after the revolution. Therefore, he is faithful to the path for which the people elected him, and for which he still holds people’s trust. The areas in which reconciliation and projects will be conducted are arranged according to priority and need. Directing businessmen to carry out projects is also the fulfillment of the President’s vision of the relationship with the people, and implementation of his slogan “People Want,”. The president wants the relationship to be direct with the people. Now it will be direct by implementing direct projects that benefit citizens.”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Mohammed Salih al-Ayari – Taxation expert):

“Regarding the list of businessmen and the sums, I am convinced that they must be reviewed, and those sums checked. The President says, these people will have a direct relationship with the people and will implement the necessary projects; to create jobs opportunities especially in remote and marginalized areas. The perception is wonderful, but can this be real or not? If a decree is issued that precisely controls the list of businessmen, the sums, and the projects, then I say that this is a very good and effective achievement. As for my personal opinion, instead of going directly to the areas and assigning businessmen to carry out these projects, it is better to create a development fund at the level of the Ministry of Development. Investment, in which we select the businessmen and the sums they are to pay. Additionally, instead of leaving their work haphazardly, we ask them for the amount which is given by the Development or Investment Fund which belongs to the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Finance. We should work carefully in this matter and put in place mechanisms to ensure the success of such an idea, which helps many Tunisians, who need support.”

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