Yemen- Amid Lack of Services, More Students are Dropping Out of Schools in Taiz


Location: Taiz – Yemen

Language: Arabic 

Voice:  natural

Duration: 00:02:55

Source: A24

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Dateline: 03-02-2022


Amid shortages in teaching facilities, learning materials, and staff, a growing number of children are dropping out of school. Al-Sunna School in the countryside of Taiz is one of numerous schools that witnessed an unprecedented dropout. The school, which only offers teaching until the sixth grade, has witnessed a high dropout rate especially with respect to girls, who are being forced into early marriage. Furthermore, many dropped out of their high schools because of their remote location. This is coupled with the grueling war that has taken its toll not only on children but on teachers. According to the UN, Yemen is witnessing the biggest humanitarian disaster ever


-SOUNDBITE (Abdo Saeed Al-Sanawi – Martyr Abdul-Elah Noaman School’s principal in the Al-Sunna area of Bani Zaid

We are suffering from many problems including a growing number of students’ dropouts and lack of facilities such as bathrooms. This is accompanied by the absence of any recreational activities for students or sports fields. Therefore, students aren’t interested in attending school

-SOUNDBITE (Muhammad Abdullah – Head of the Student Parents Council

The school is near to the staffs’ residents. We realize that most dropouts are among students who live in destitute and in marginalized places. I think parents are blamed for this dropout. Sometimes students come with no pencils or notebooks.

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