Iraq – International education in Basra, first scientific and educational experience in the country


Location: Basra – Iraq

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 31-01-2022


The Al-Bushra Educational Foundation, in cooperation with the Basra Governorate in southern Iraq, established the “Girls of Al-Taff” school with international accreditation among 20 other schools in the governorate, to ensure the quality of education in government schools based on international standards, which contributes to creating an effective generation that keeps pace with the demands of life.

The principal of the School, Ban Shaker Al-Baaj, said that the school offers 40 classes, including 20 international classes that provide several courses, like mental arithmetic and that teaching takes place in school only and at home, through a project-specific curriculum.

Basra governorate witnessed the inauguration of 20 schools as part of the Basra public Schools project which met international standards in September 2021, in districts of the governorate. The project, which is the first scientific and educational experience in Iraq starting from Basra, comes as an important, vital, and promising step in keeping up with global educational developments.

Shot list

  • (SOUNDBITE) Ban Shaker Al-Baaj – Director of Girls of Al-Taff School:

“Al-Taff Girls School with international accreditation is one of 20 schools in Basra, it was established by the efforts of the Basra Governorate in cooperation with the Al-Bushra Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization that guarantees quality in education. This school has 40 classes, 20 of which are international that provide several courses like mental arithmetic, I see children enjoying mental arithmetic. The school provides care for students and provides them with books for free. Teaching takes place only in the school, at home they receive the special program for the project.”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Aseel Saleh – Mental Arithmetic Teacher:

“Mental arithmetic makes us use our brain instead of a calculator. we can do very long arithmetic calculations in a short time. Some students complete the calculations within seconds. The correct age for teaching mental arithmetic starts from the age of 4. The introduction of teaching aids has contributed to educating students because they deal with it like a game and also the movement of the hand while calculating.”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Razan Ali – Student:

“I love mental arithmetic and I am happy with my friends. I do long arithmetic calculations in a short time.”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Noor Ghazwan – Student:

“I love mental arithmetic because it makes me calculate quickly, my teacher teaches us and we don’t find any difficulty.”

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