Iraq – Iraq Exhibition for Building, Reconstruction and International Investment kicks off in Baghdad


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 30-01-2022


The Iraq Exhibition for Building, Reconstruction, and International Investment kicks off on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair and will last for four days.

The economic exhibition witnessed an official presence from the Iraqi side, with the participation of forty-three companies specialized in construction industries and basic materials, from seven countries; including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, in addition to local companies of the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

Iraqi officials stressed the importance of the presence of these companies, especially the Egyptians, due to their experience and leadership in the construction sector, as the Iraqi side aspires to conclude contracts and agreements to expand the investment field.

Shot list:

(SOUNDBITE) Caesar Al-Hashemi – Advisor to the Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals:

“The quality of the products and its origin, which is from Egypt, is well known in the progress and development and the field of construction industries, especially the revolution that Egypt witnessed recently in the past two or three years, a cause of pride for all the people of the Arab world. The ties that link Iraq and Egypt are historical and not new, which provides a ground for a real partnership in the field of reconstruction and we know the reality of the Iraqi situation that needs an urban revolution and is almost considered a profitable investment. I hope that there will be expansion and development that will be translated into practical steps with real partnership and projections on the ground.”

(SOUNDBITE) Ashraf Abdel Sattar – Coordinator of the Egyptian Companies Pavilion:

“One of the important goals for Iraq is the Egyptian market, given its importance and the volume of activity. Twenty-three Egyptian companies of various sectors are participating this year in the exhibition, headed by the infrastructure sector, pipes and insulation. We hope to meet good opportunities with the presence of Egyptian companies and we hope to find agents or Iraqi companies seeking to invest with Egyptian companies.”

(SOUNDBITE) Hossam Abdel Hafez – Director of the Saudi Al-Muna Company for Plastic Industries:

“We see the Iraqi market as one of the most promising markets in the Middle East, and we aspire to enter strongly into Iraq through export in the first phase, and production in the second phase. There is a company in Iraq that represents us to study the Iraqi market as export of our products.”

(SOUNDBITE) Dalir Ezz El Din – KAR Company for Cement Industries:

“The countries producing construction industries all come to rebuild Iraq. The infrastructure for their production depends on the existing factories. The cement industry in Iraq is successful and one of the most successful industries that currently exist, which have met the needs of the country and citizens.”

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