Iraq – Supreme court recognizes constitutionality of parliament first session


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 25-1-2022


The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court in Baghdad has issued a final and binding decision that is not subject to appeal, dismissing the lawsuit filed by MP’s Bassem Khashan and Mahmoud Mashhadani regarding the unconstitutionality of the first session of the House of Representatives and the election of the speaker and their two deputies. The Court considered the first session of Parliament legal and constitutional and the following election of its speaker. Khashan refused to speak to the media after losing the lawsuit, at a time when legal advisors confirmed that the evidence was damping. The Court said its final word in this regard, and thus the House of Representatives will resume holding its regular sessions according to the constitutional timings in the coming days.

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– (Soundbites) Judge Jassim Amiri – President of the Federal Supreme Court:

“The Federal Supreme Court decided the following:

First: The ruling dismissing the claim of the plaintiff in the name of Khazal Khashan and the plaintiff, Mahmoud Daoud Salman.

“Second: Charge the plaintiffs with fees, expenses and attorney fees

“Third: The abolition of the state order issued by this court in Federal No. 1 and 2 22 on 1/13/2022, and the decision was issued in agreement, conclusive and binding upon all authorities, based on the provisions of Article 94 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2005.

– (Soundbites) Dr. Sabah Bawi – the director-general of the Legal Department in the House of Representatives:

“It was a distinguished decision, and it was a decision based on constitutional foundations. And it supported the constitutionality of the procedures that took place in the House of Representatives, which were in accordance with the constitution.

– (Soundbites) – Salam Hawass – a media and legal adviser:

“In my estimation as a media and legal person, despite the frankly political pressures on the judicial institution and the judicial authority, but the court has announced its decision, and I believe the decision is completely convinced that was issued by agreement. According to the constitution, it is now and binding upon all authorities, and therefore the council will resume its sessions as constitutionally established.”

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