Yemen- A woman Burn to Death in a Houthi Airstrike in Taiz


Location: Taiz – Yemen

Language: Arabic 

Voice:  natural

Duration: 00:04:13

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 25-01-2022


Houthi militias on Tuesday targeted a house in Al Hussein’s neighborhood in Taiz, killing a woman and causing serious burns to her husband and son. Eyewitnesses said that the house was targeted by Houthi militias at dawn, leaving the family in a completely burnt-out house. During the latest few houses, the Iran-backed Houthi militia intensified shelling on residential neighborhoods in the outskirts of the north, east, and west of the city of Taiz, along with villages in the districts of Maqbna and Jabal Habashi, west of the governorate

-Shot list

-SOUNDBITE (Mohammad al Faqih- a doctor)

Abdullah’s house was bombed at dawn and it was completely burnt-out, leaving him with serious burns in his lungs. Abdullah was left with horrible burns that covered 70% of his body, not to mention that his wife was killed in the airstrike. Houthi militias are still committing heinous crimes against residents as their airstrikes deliberately target residential areas causing many casualties.  Today’s victim was in serious burns that may lead to his death.

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