Thailand-Thai government launches national efforts to stem water pollution


Location: Mueang Samut Prakan District – Thailand

Language: Thai


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 Dateline: 21-1-2022


The Thai government has launched a national campaign in the Samut Prakan Province to clean the country water resources from litter and garbage, as it joined forces with university students, school students and the private sector to address water pollution. An organizer of a canoeing event to collect garbage said the event is merely symbolic and it is not meant to clean the country, but just to raise the awareness of people on the importance of preserving the environment and the water resources. She said the water pollution is affecting the marine life, which is considered a lifeline for the province population. Participants of the canoes activity rowed for 40 kilometers to collect marine waste in the upper Gulf of Thailand, and it is estimated that garbage strewn over one thousand kilograms must be collected.

Shot list:

  • (Soundbites) Mr. Thanet Munnoi, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

“I have realized and seen the importance of participation, especially for the management of marine waste. The current marine debris is a problem. It’s the country’s national agenda. I can’t deny that We are a downstream area. Today in Samut Prakan Province. There were also good events taking place by organizing a canoe to collect coastal garbage. In order to raise awareness among people to cooperate in managing the problem of marine litter. Today, there will be many sectors joining together, with the people, education, and government sectors participating in tackling this waste problem, which is a good thing who come together to deal with marine litter problems, reduce dumping, bring garbage up for sorting Marine debris affects marine life. whether it is a rare marine animal marine ecosystem management of marine waste this time we want to be a systematic management to make this sustainable”

  • (Soundbites) Dr. Parinya Dewanarumitkul:

“Today, is a joint effort of the Khlong Sao Thong community, bridge riders group and Thammasat University who came to help collect garbage in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a delightful scene, where a group of people boarded a boat to help collect trash in the sea. How is that garbage collected indefinitely? because there are still new people who would litter. Therefore, we do not collect garbage for garbage collection only; however, we are collecting garbage to tell people who throw garbage into the rivers and seas that you must stop. If you don’t stop, we will continue to collect trash. an invitation to quit by collecting waste to look at as an example thanks to everyone who came together to collect trash to make the Thai seas clean again. This is the food source of all Thai people in the country. If only plastic waste, shrimp, shellfish, crab, fish How will there be an increase in volume? So we have to keep marine debris out to get our seafood back. Thank you to everyone who participated in this activity. It’s a very happy picture.”

  • (Soundbites) Ms. Salisa Salyakamthorn:

“Join the canoeing activity to collect garbage together with the members of the Natural Farming Network, Merit bridge riders and networks participating in the care of natural resources. We already know that garbage is a prominent issue in this world. The way we stand up and help each other are small people who come together to help manage the resources in our own area to be clean, safe and tidy. It’s something everyone should do. Garbage in the sea, if we walk, we will see that it is garbage that is passed on from all over the country. come from the north when looking at the label look from the packaging will see that coming from all over the area gathered at sea

“So I think it’s something everyone is everyone’s responsibility. So we came up to help campaign and focus on resource management in our own area and do it together in many groups, including the government, the private sector, the people, children, youth come together. It is considered as a campaign for them to stand up and help each other. Make your own area clean and tidy. What we do today, we believe, is symbolic. make a new generation or people in society rise up and make them a part of this. We expect this to be a model of success. The rise of people to create good things as an example for people in society. This will cause a change. In a situation where the world has only deteriorated, but there will be a group of people who will rise up and see the value of better management of natural resources in their own community, and they will help to create a good example in society. Invite your friends to get up and do fun activities with learning. Get a job, get friends, develop yourself together.”

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