Iraq- Heavy Snow Exacerbates Displaced Families’ Agony in Sulaymaniyah Camps


Location: Sulaymaniah – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Voice:  natural

Duration: 00:04:36

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 24-01-2022


For 15 days in a row, we have endured unbearable conditions as the bone-chilling winter arrived with heavy snowfalls, not to mention that my two kids got very sick, said Sajida Mahmoud, a displaced woman at Ashti camp in Sulaymaniah province. Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall have been sweeping the camp amid a lack of fuel supplies and difficulty in moving between tents.

Bereaved displaced families demanded the government to pay greater attention to the camp’s deteriorating conditions amid an acute shortage of food and fuel.  Along with another 3 camps, Ashti camp houses 2445 displaced families, mainly from Salah ad-Din Governorate, Al Anbar Governorate, Diyala Governorate, and Nineveh Governorate, who can’t go back to their hometowns given the insecurity and poor services  

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-SOUNDBITE ( Ghaze Faisal – a displaced person)

As Iraqi citizens, this country owes us our basic rights and it is part of its’ duty to take care of us. I would like to make a reference to a verse in the Quran that states “But stop them, verily, they are to be questioned” which means those in power are responsible for the welfare of their people and they will be held accountable. These people include the prime minister and the governor. Aren’t we human beings? In other countries, animals enjoy basic rights, but we, human beings who are God’s best creatures aren’t getting our rights. We hope the prime minister, the regional government, and the camp’ administration help us

-SOUNDBITE (Sajida Mahmoud- a displaced woman)

We are freezing to death. We have no fuel to warm ourselves up amid freezing temperatures. I tried to close all the holes in the tent but snow is everywhere. It has been snowing for 15 days. My kids are dying. They are too sick and it doesn’t help to put many blankets

-SOUNDBITE (Aisha Abdullah-displaced person)

We are out of fuel and food. We don’t even have a mattress. It is so cold that we shiver all night. Only God knows what we feel.

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