Yemen- A Yemeni Man Suffering from Paraplegia Makes a living by Driving a Minibus


Location: Lahij Governorate – Yemen

Language: Arabic 

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:02:44

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 24-01-2022


Yasser Muhammed Qassem, who was shot in his spinal cord, suffers from a paraplegic that has affected his everyday life and the ability to work for a considerable time. However, he insisted on making a living by driving a minibus for transportation, using a stick for pressing pedals. Yasser is among those brave people who overcame their disabilities and coped with other living difficulties even with few resources. His main job is to transport people in Lahij Governorate

Shot list :

-SOUNDBITE (Yasser Muhammed Qassem –  a person with a disability)

I was shot in my spinal cord which caused me paraplegia. For one year and a half, I couldn’t move out of my bed. However, I bought a minibus and decided to rent it out, but the revenue wasn’t enough for me and I had to pay a debt of 30 thousand Rial. Therefore, I made a decision of driving the bus myself to make a living by using a stick to press the pedals

-SOUNDBITE (Ammar Abdullah – Citizen)

He is a struggler and he doesn’t depend on anyone. Therefore, we call all do-gooders, humanitarian organizations, the civil community, and the local authority to cooperate and help Yasser get treatment outside the country

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