Palestine – A watchmaker in Gaza spends 60 years in business


For the past sixty years, Abu Khaled Al-Hams has been working in the field of watch maintenance and repair, and he still retains his ability to maintain even the most complex issues in it. One of his grandsons works in his shop, attempting to learn the profession from his grandfather. He assists him in opening and preparing the shop in the morning. Abu Khaled still has his customers because of his skill and experience in maintaining old watches, which despite their scarcity, some people still keep. Al-Hams mastered the career at a young age and could support his family earning from it. Now, he has relied on his grandson to repair modern watches, while he maintains the older ones himself or directs and assists his grandson. Abu Khaled is knowledgeable with a variety of watches, including Omega, Seiko, Orient, and Jovial, as well as alarms and antique wall clocks.

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