Terrorist organizations recruit youth through social media

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ISIS organization has been attracting the youth via the World Wide Web where they use social networking to reach the weak youth to spread extremism thoughts where psychological specialists are used to convince and change the thinking of youthful groups via more than 45000 website in several languages.


The world became a small village due to the World Wide Web which ISIS has been using to spread extremist thoughts and attract people over the social networking, websites and blogs in different languages. The organization work on so many levels with a specific system which is not random, they start with advertising, funding and polarization and ending with implementation via an ideological mechanism ran by psychological experts.

Attraction techniques start with information collection about each website before attacking it and spreading the extremism thoughts. They access sites visited by everyone and doesn’t need effort to hack into and then they use techniques of golden phrases that released adrenaline along with echo and effects brightening the hatred of readers and listeners attracting the weak of society.



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