Roman Theater in Amman, the pulse of life through the centuries

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Roman Theatre is ancient history in Amman Downtown; Stones still stand majestically, a witness to the continuation of the pulse of life in the region since centuries.


Roman theater, built in the second century AD, during the reign of Antonius Pius, and take its place amid the Jordanian capital, Amman, is the remains of an ancient civilization which still witnesses the pulse of life and the lively atmosphere since nearly 2000 years. Roman theater is located at the foot of Mount Joufeh, one of the seven mountains of Amman. It is one of the finest tourist areas and historic sites becoming a popular meeting site to residents of the city, near the museums and markets surrounding it.

Roman theater is full during the morning hours of every day where a large number of foreign and Arab tourists visit to see the old legacy. The theatre also hosts many festivals and cultural events each year, such as presentations, musical theater, which is famous for tourist areas in Jordan.


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