Military Progress in South West Mosul

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Baghdad, Iraq 14/11/2016

Iraqi military and security expert, Mr. Dya al Wakeel, told Arab 24 that DAESH forces have now retreated from all its positions in the Nineveh Province, and are currently fighting tooth and nail from its garrisons inside the city of Mosul.

He added that the Iraqi military is presently advancing towards Mathna district, which is right in the heart of Mosul.

Military expert Ahmed Sharifi said that [DAESH’s] frenzied reaction is being taken out on the civilians quite viciously. As a greater number of them now cluster in the same place, they, as such, have the manpower to forcefully bring the people to heel for fear of an internal insurgency. What is needed now is a quick military action, supported by air, in order to ease the pressure on our ground military operations as well as save the civilians further agony.




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