Anger towards “Trump” statements about preventing Muslims from entering the United States

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Many citizens of Arab and Islamic countries expressed their condemnation of the US presidential candidate’s remarks in which he demanded preventing Muslims from entering US territory.

United States Republican candidate “Donald Trump” comments which demanded preventing Muslims from entering the US territory created a storm of international criticism and condemnation.

Anti-Muslim rhetoric adopted by Trump campaign have risen after the Paris attacks and after a Muslim couple carried out an armed attack in the state of California.

Many citizens in the Arab countries expressed criticism and condemnation of the comments of the US presidential candidates against Muslims, where citizens in the Arab and Islamic countries consider that his comments are racist and inciting against Muslims all over the world, and it promotes violence, and they added that those racist remarks and hatred against Muslims contradicts American values, and confirmed that Trump’s remarks will not be an echo within the United States because of the essential Islamic element component of American society.

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