Canada to welcome 25000 Syrian refugees in 2016

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Government of Canada sympathized with the rising number of refugees resulting from the Syrian crisis and therefore is planning to resettle 25000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of February. This is why the operation center in Amman is full of hopeful Syrian refugees who are seeking a lost hope to have a safe peaceful life.

Syrian Crisis left the biggest number of refugees from a single conflict in a generation who are distributed around many neighboring countries including Jordan.

New Canadian elected government noticed the deteriorating situation of Syrian refugees which is considered a serious and an important crisis needing all the attention and support of everyone until a humanitarian solution for the issue is found.

Upon this, Operation center in Amman was built and set up on a very short notice to welcome hundreds of Syrian refugees identified by the UNHCR to undergo several procedures assigned by the Government of Canada which is willing to take around 25000 refugees. The Refugees must go through a process of filling forms, taking biometrics like fingerprints and pictures then they are interviewed by the Canadian Visa officer.

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