Syria- Families Displaced by Iranian Militias Return to the War-Torn Afes Village in light of the Dire Humanitarian Conditions.


Despite the insecurity that engulfs Afes village, at least 200 displaced families insisted on returning to their war-torn village that was destroyed a year ago by Iranian militias. Notwithstanding the fact that the village is adjacent to the areas run by the Iranian militias, families preferred returning rather than paying hefty amounts they can’t afford for rents, along with the chilling cold of winter. However, families illustrated that the village lacks the most basic services, calling upon international organizations, and entities affiliated to the interim Syrian opposition government to supply the village with humanitarian aid and food along with offering an educational program. The head of the local council in Afes village, Muhammad Zaidan pointed out that about 250 families out of 1500 thousand, about 15% of the village’s population, came back. It is worth mentioning that families contacted numerous organizations but to no avail. Families in northwestern Syria endure abject poverty and starvation, not to mention the soaring prices of all food commodities, in addition to poor services.



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