Iraq: launching Iraq’s tribal leaders’ conference in support of the security forces.

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Iraq’s tribal leaders’ conference was launched on Saturday in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, under the slogan “Iraq wins” to declare their position on terrorism and to support the Iraqi security forces in its war against ISIS.


Under the slogan “Iraq wins” the Iraqi tribal council held a conference to support the victories of the Iraqi security forces and the popular crowd in the battle against al ISIS in a large official presence.
Ibrahim al-Thari, one of the tribal leaders of Anbar province, called for the renunciation of sectarian conflicts and unite under the banner of Iraq, while Salah Musleh, a tribal leader from Baghdad, stressed the need for a proper understanding of the meaning of the name “Iraq.”
Karima al-Jawari, a member of the Iraqi parliament, said that this conference cheers everyone up, stressing the role of the security forces and the tribal crowd in fighting terrorism.

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