Yemen: The largest exchange of prisoners in Taiz province

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Taiz-Yemen – 19/6/2016

Taiz witnessed the biggest exchange process of prisoners between the Popular Resistance and the Houthi group without causing any accidents in Ghurab crossing, which is under siege by the Houthis, where the fighting declined between the resistance and the Houthis in most areas since the announcement of the truce before the start of peace talks under the auspices of the United Nations in Kuwait.




The largest operation for the exchange of prisoners in southern Yemen, Taiz has been successfully done between the popular resistance and the Houthi group, where they exchanged a hundred and eighteen Houthi member and seventy six pro-government Yemeni military.
This exchange came after the fighting declined between the two sides in the regions of Yemen, as none of them were able to control the area.
It is noteworthy that the exchange of prisoners was carried out without any interference from the parties to the negotiations in Kuwait, or from the Arab coalition.\



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