Lebanon- 4 months after the port explosion, Solidarity stand to condemn not identifying the responsible

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 Beirut – Lebanon 06/12/2020

After 4 months after the Beirut Port explosion, the affected and group of activities and politicians accused Hezbollah of being responsible for the existence of Ammonium that caused the killing of people and injuring many. During a solidarity stand that took place on Mar Mikhael before Fandom Stairs near the port and the protesters raised slogans against Hezbollah and Nasrallah rejected the cases Hezbollah filed against those who accused him of being responsible for the explosion of the port, and they called to applying the international revolutions especially the resolutions of 1559 and 1701. They also raised slogans that called the Lebanese court to perform its duties regarding the exploration file accusing Hezbollah of recklessness, blurring the facts, and escaping the accusations of possessing Ammonium and the negligence of the Lebanese authorities.

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