Iraq: Tactical Cooperation between the Iraqi Intelligence and the International Coalition Culminated in Arresting the General Administrative Coordinator of the ISIS

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Bagdad – Iraq  02/12/2020

Maan al-Jubouri, the former adviser at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense illustrated that the tactical cooperation between the Iraqi intelligence and the international coalition is in Iraq’s favor. These painstaking efforts culminated in arresting the General Administrative Coordinator of the ISIS terrorist organization in Baghdad International Airport. Moreover, Bassam Al-Qazwini, a security expert underscored the necessity of the cooperation between the two sides that eventually enabled Iraqi intelligence to tighten its grip over border crossings and the international airport that facilitated arresting ISIS top figures. The official spokesman for the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service, Sabah Al-Numan explained that they tracked down ISIS’s top figure- Abu Naba’s movements. It is worth mentioning that Abu Naba is an Iraqi citizen who lives outside the country and he joined ISIS in 2003.

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