Syria –Hezbollah militia turns Daraa into drug smuggle passage and market

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Daraa – Syria 30/11/2020 

Iranian, Lebanese, and Hezbollah militias, have turned Daraa governorate, southern Syria, into a drug smuggling and trade center, internally and externally, to the neighboring countries such as Jordan and Iraq. The militia takes two main ways of smuggling, the first is “Beit Jinn” area, the western countryside of Damascus on Lebanon the border, and the other way is the countryside of Homs, through Qusayr, where drugs are transferred through missions done by Hezbollah from the Fourth Division of the Syrian army called “Rafiq” to ensure that shipments are not checked at military checkpoints. The convoy is accompanied by a group of forces of the Fourth Division to secure the materials arrive without any interruption on the checkpoints. Regarding the other dealers, local dealers, they have to market the drugs in the southern areas than to hand over the sums to the financial officer of the Hezbollah militia, Muhammad Jaafar, known as Haj Fadi.

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