Syria – International coalition confirms its support to SDF against ISIS

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Al-Hasakah- Syria  24/11/2020 

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the International Coalition, Kevin Kopsey, stated that the coalition is committed to supporting the SDF, the Iraqi security forces and the Peshmerga in their combat against ISIS. Kopsey and Wayne Maruto, the Official Spokesman for the International Coalition, arrived in Rmelan military base, Al-Hasakah, on Tuesday. Kopsey pointed out their training of over 120 thousand of the security forces to achieve the mission especially after entering a new chapter where they target ISIS and he added that the mission against ISIS is yet to end. The official spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kabriel Kino, said that new meetings with the leadership of the International Coalition will be held to discuss several issues, including ISIS detainees and their families, the conditions of the camps, and support the infrastructure in the northern and eastern parts of Syria to ensure the return of the citizens to it.

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