Iraq: Iraqi Kurdistan Witnesses a Marked Rise in the Demand for Plastic Surgeries

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Irbil- Iraq 20/11/2020

In Iraqi Kurdistan, plastic surgeons indicated that there is a marked rise in the number of men undergoing plastic surgeries and in the demand for cosmetics. In the old days, war victims with burns and disfigurements were only concerned with those surgeries. The extraordinary demand is attributed to the change in people’s priority giving their appearance special attention. They claim plastic surgeries boost their self-confidence. Today, plastic surgeries are widely common given the development in the techniques used to perform cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. Customers’ ages range from 18 to 55. Doctors believe that this high turnout is because one’s personality is no longer sufficient to present oneself, claiming the appearance has a profound influence on society. They also indicated that it is of paramount importance to be charming and elegant

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