Yemen: Taiz children suffer psychological crises as a result of the war.

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Taiz-Yemen – 17/6/2016

Children of Taiz, south-west of Yemen suffer from the psychological effects of war, as dozens of children in the city were exposed to mental disorders and cases of panic and fear, as a result of the indiscriminate shelling, which does not distinguish between a civilian and a soldier, and claims the lives of hundreds of civilians.




A state of panic and fear is felt by the children of Taiz as a result of the indiscriminate shelling in one of the neighborhoods in Taiz, injuring more than seven children, one of them died and the rest were wounded and disfigured and some are in intensive care.

That day, the kids were playing, but the war in Taiz broke their dreams by the death of their friend, “Ahmed Imam” with the fall of the rocket in front of their eyes. The incident landmarks have become deep in their minds where they see every detail of it.
If the war ended, it may seem easy to restore the destruction and distortions in the streets and neighborhoods of the city of Taiz. But deep psychological issues treatment, especially for children, will undoubtedly be very difficult.



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