Syria: A Syrian family tell their suffering with ISIS

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Um Adasa village-Syria – 16/6/2016

“Hamid’s family” consisting of a Syrian father, a Jordanian mother and six children, including two young men and four girls residing in Um Adasa village, which is three kilometers far from the city of Manbej in Aleppo countryside in northern Syria, tell the bitterness of oppression and injustice of the acts committed by ISIS against them.




With tears filled with sorrow, separation and pain, Mariam Tahrawi, a mother of two sons and four daughters talked about the effects of ISIS acts in Um Adasa, which is three kilometers far from the city of Manbej in Aleppo countryside, northern Syria, where she was forced to make her daughter marry a man who is 19 years older than her in order to protect her from ISIS.

The father of the family Hamid Jassim al-Hamidi sees that ISIS did not offer anything positive in the village, saying he was forced to sell part of his land to provide the basic needs of eating and drinking to his family members without ISIS knowing, fearing they might rob his money.
Hamid expressed his displeasure with the customs and practices that ISIS taught the children of the village, where instead of using wood as a means of play and entertainment, it has become a weapon for children.



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