Syria – ISIS attacks Syrian government forces and the Iranian factions in Athria, countryside of Aleppo

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Athria and Khanasser – Aleppo Governorate 04.11.2020

The fights are taking place again between Syrian government forces and ISIS in Athria and Khanasser, the countryside of Aleppo, northern Syria. ISIS targeted military points of the Syrian government forces, centers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and the militia of the Palestinian Al-Quds Brigade, on the Athria-Khanasser road, along with another attack targeting a security detachment of the Palestinian Al-Quds Brigade in the same area. The Syrian forces used warplanes to avoid the attack targeting Syrian army aircraft carrying out several airstrikes against the attacking groups, which killed four ISIS members and the withdrawal of others. ISIS resides in the disserted areas and lives on targeting Syrian government forces and Iran militias that dominate and launch its military bases on large areas of Aleppo, Deir Ez-Zur, and Damascus.

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