Iraq – Experts: Reactivation of ISIS in Diyala and the Iraqi Security Forces takes the fall

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Miqdadiya – Diyala – Iraq 03.11.2020

Iraqi experts put the responsibility on government bodies, security services, and situation room for their failure to eliminate ISIS in Miqdadiya city in Diyala governorate, central Iraq. They pointed out that the reactivation of ISIS extended from northeastern Diyala near the border with Iran. They also stated that according to some reports, Sheikh Fadala al-Kaabi is one of the powerful personalities in that city that ISIS adopted his killing. It is noteworthy that he contributed to operations against ISIS which made ISIS kidnap and kill him as a kind of revenge. Previously, ISIS adopted the killing of 5 people belong to one family in Khaylaniya, Diyala. Iraqi Security Forces launched a military operation after a weak to free the areas in which ISIS exists.

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