Syria – Kurdish talks continue in northeastern Syria, under American supervision

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Hasakah – Syria 26.10.2020

The Kurdish-Kurdish talks continue in the city of Amuda in northeastern Syria, after a pause for a while awaiting the appointment of the US State Department as a new representative in the region. The Kurdish parties refrained from completing the discussion sessions after the return of Ambassador William Rubak to Washington, and the absence of international supervision of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue. The leaders of the parties participating in the meetings had moved to the second more complex phase of the current understandings, and discussed the “package of protection and defense” in the last meeting held under the supervision of the US State Department in Hasakah at the beginning of this month. The Kurdish-Kurdish talks began last April and indicated the first hope of improvement in relations between the two poles of the Kurdish movement represented by the “opposition Kurdish National Council” on one hand, and the “Kurdish national unity parties” led by the “Democratic Union Party” on the other hand, since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria in 2011.

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