Iraq – Analysts: Political parties seek to be the first in the Iraqi scene through sectarian rhetoric

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Baghdad – Iraq 21/10/2020 

After armed actors kidnapped 12 people from the Al-Farhateya sub-district of Balad district in Salah al-Din Governorate in central Iraq, the police found the bodies of 8 people within an hour. It became clear that they were “executed in the field. The fate of the remaining 4 kidnapped is still unknown until this moment. Analysts said that the date of early parliamentary elections is approaching, Iraq may witness a return to sectarian rhetoric, especially since some political forces and parties are politically bankrupt, and are seeking to search for another card that qualifies them to lead the political scene again in Iraq. They added that the Iraqi government must work to neutralize such actions and not to allow armed groups out of the law to destabilize security in the region


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