Syria: “Pel Youth Forum for 2020 to wrap up, in its Fourth Version in Qamishli

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Qamishli – al-Hasakah -Syria  18.10.2020

PÊL-Civil Waves organization has wrapped up “Pel youth forum for 2020, in its fourth version in Qamishli in northeastern Syria – al-Hasakah Governorate. The 3- day forum was launched on the 15th of October, with more than 190 participants from various regions of northern and eastern Syria. The head of PÊL-Civil Waves organization, Diyar Akram indicated that the purpose of the forum is to offer a dialogue platform, where youths and concerned authorities can address current obstacles. Many issues were addressed during the forum, the top of which was ISIS impact on the region. They also discussed promoting peace and coexistence in societies, the effects of displacement, the aftermath of Coronavirus outbreak, and the war’s repercussions on social and environmental cohesion.


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