Jordan- Outrage after a Kidnapped Kid Found with his Hands Chopped off and his Eyes Gouged out

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Amman-Jordan 17/10/2020

Widespread outrage has swept Jordan after a 16-year-old boy was kidnapped by a mob, who chopped his hands off and gouged out his eyes in Zarqa city. The unprecedented incident left many across Jordan in shock given the severity of the crime. The innocent boy was kidnapped to take revenge for a murder carried out by his father. Incensed activists launched the “execute _zarqa_criminals,” hashtag on social media networks, indicating that children should be out of blood feud crimes. Seeking vengeance is usually conducted by killing the murderer himself or an older member of the clan.  Moreover, Jordan’s King Abdullah II had personally followed up on the details of the security operation which led to the arrest of those involved in the heinous crime. The king reiterated that severe punishment will be applied to the perpetrator. His Majesty also ordered that all necessary medical care be provided for him.

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