Iraq: Sit-Ins in Front of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s Headquarter in Bagdad

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Baghdad- Iraq 17/10/2020

The Popular Mobilization Forces and armed factions grew incensed over Hoshyar Zebari’s statement, who is the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and a key leader in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, demanding to clean up the green zone from these factions. In return, factions threatened to retaliate by attacking the main headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Bagdgdad and will organize sit-ins if no apology was made on the part of Hoshyar Zebari’. Demands to expel these factions from the green zone are intensifying. It is worth mentioning that the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has assigned the Military Chief, Major General Hamid al-Zuhairi to protect the green zone which houses many foreign embassies and diplomats.

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