Yemen – Completion of the first phase of the largest prisoner swap in Yemen.

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Sana’a – Yemen 15/10/2020

The first phase of the prisoner swap between the Yemeni government and the Houthis was completed today, under the supervision of the United Nations and the International Red Cross. It includes more than a thousand Yemeni prisoners, 15 Saudis, and 4 Sudanese. The International Committee of the Red Cross said that 5 of its planes took off, this morning, from The airports of Abha in Saudi Arabia, Sanaa and Seiyun in Yemen, and sources said that the deal today includes 15 Saudi prisoners and 4 Sudanese, while the total of those released in this deal from both sides reaches 1081, which is the largest prisoner swap since the outbreak of the conflict in Yemen. The first day of the prisoner swap included the release of 480 Houthi prisoners in exchange for 250 from the legitimate government, while on Friday, 200 Houthi prisoners will be released in exchange for 251 from the government.

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