Yemen -An Event for Reviving Children’s Traditional Games in Taez .

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Taez-Yemen    14/10/2020

Mashaqer Initiative, in cooperation with Youth without Borders Organization for Development, and under Safeworld organization’s patronage, has inaugurated an event for reviving children’s traditional games in Taez. Hajar Mohammad, the head of Mashaqer Initiative for heritage revival, said that this event aims at reviving Yemeni folklore, promoting tolerance, the culture of coexistence, and peace among children. It also aims at boosting the morale of those children, who suffered from the war scourge, as it instilled a mentality of violence and hostility among those children. Electronic games that reproduce the war experience are being played by those children, where one would feel the war scourge in all its aspects. Those games have unfortunately substituted the traditional peaceful ones.



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