Iraq- A Fairytale or a Real-Life Story? The land of the dead wife’ hasn’t been planted for 200 years

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Duhok Governorate-Iraqi Kurdistan-Iraq 13/10/2020

Tales, some of which are based on superstitions and others are real-life stories, have passed down through generations about a cursed land, dubbed “the land of the dead wife’ in Harika village-   Az Zibar mountains in  Duhok Governorate-Iraqi Kurdistan . The fairytales say that anyone who plants this land is then cursed with the death of one of his relatives or may suffer a misfortune. Residents of the town claim that this land has been deserted for 200 years, out of fear of the ever-lasting curse. They allege that the land was stolen from a poor man, who then prayed and pleaded God to turn this land into a curse for anyone who tries to plant it. From here, the name of the land “the land of the dead wife’ has originated. Since then, this land has been avoided by residents


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