Cambodia- The Profession Of Collecting Rattan Persists

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Araksvay village – Siem Reap – Cambodia, 09/10/2020

Being in a full determination, several farmers from the Araksvay village in Siem Reap, northwestern Cambodia, set out to collect rattan. They inherited this profession from their ancestors. They get in trucks at night in about 6 hours journey till reaching the wood to find and collect the rattan plant, to make wonderful handcrafted baskets, pots, and chairs to sell them to Cambodian consumers and tourists at markets to make money to support their families. Rattan is a type of climbing palm that is harvested and chopped than the thorns and dried leaves are removed from it. After that, it is dried in the sun and then stored. Rattan is light in weight, flexible, and easy to handle. It also withstands humidity and high temperature.

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